Winding down the year

um, yeah. . .

A reasonable amount of Christmas crafting going on here.  Can't post most of it because of potential present spoilers, but here's one I think is safe.  This is a baby gift, just modge podge, scrapbook paper, and a canvas.  (Grabbed a bunch of square and rectangle canvases on sale on Black Friday.  That was the extent of my shopping that day, but I did have all three kids with me, so that's got to earn me some kind of medal or something, right?  This guy actually said to me, "you're so brave being out today!"  To which I replied, "You're a man in the yarn section. . . (I know, stereotypes!  Shame on me!))

lovely picture

what you don't see in the first zoomed-in shot.  poor kid.
Charlotte is such fun right now.  She's doing the stop-drop-roll-army-crawl-rock-on-hands-and-knees-roll-some-more thing right now, and she can pretty much get where she wants in a room.  Uh oh!

hey, wait, did you know I have TOES?!

She's also gobbling up anything I feed her, also quite fun.

this doesn't taste that good. . .

Charlotte does this strange thing when she eats.  She holds her hands up (like she's surrendering) when she eats, and then after she takes a bite, she pats and brushes the tray with her hands.  I had a video in here for a while, but it failed me.  Need to work on that one.

Here's another attempt at self-portraiture.  No, I have no idea what's going on with my pinky finger.

That's it for today!  I will be off the computer as much as possible the next two weeks to better soak up the season and prepare to jump back into our regular schedule.  2012!  Supposed to be a heck of a year, folks.  Apoplectic or something.  Can't wait.  Blessed Christmas to you and yours.


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