We got a pig!

Squirt the Pig: Majestic and Noble.

Guinea pig, that is.  One of my dearest friends said to me, "You don't seem like a pet person."  Ha!  I'm totally not, but I don't quite know the full implications of that statement.  Maybe I'm offended?

Anyway, I'm on the local homeschool listserve, and a lady posted a while back that she needed to get rid of her piggy because her daughter turned out to be allergic to him.  So Squirt came to live with us, and we got all his belongings at a significant markdown.  Kids were so totally thrilled because Lola the Fish is really not that exciting, except when it's time to argue over whose turn it is to feed her.  We made a little play yard for him too. Turned out to be a good thing that Grant made me keep that tv box for 9 months.

piggy play yard

on the move.


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