The importance of daddies

Today we were studying the story of the widow and the unfair judge (Luke 18:1-8), and talking about how God is not unfair, that He wants us to be persistent in prayer, and He will answer our prayers in due time.  (Ha, try to explain "in due time" to a small child. . .actually they are used to having their requests delayed so maybe it is easier for small children to understand this than adults. . .)  Anyway, the kids were coloring a page about the story, and Ava says to Wyatt, "see how the judge has his back to the woman?  He is being unkind to the widow."
Wyatt: "Yah!"
Ava: "Do you know what a widow is, Wyatt?  It's someone who doesn't have a daddy."  I interject here that a widow actually is someone how doesn't have a husband.
Ava again: "Yeah, it's someone who doesn't have a husband, which is pretty much like a daddy."
Wyatt: "Like our daddy?"
Ava: "Yes, our daddy."
Wyatt: "Yah!  Like our daddy!"
Ava: "Good thing mama's not a window, then we wouldn't have anyone to wrestle with."  (pause)  "Or get money for us."

Hmm, so much for that masters degree.
from our trip to the Oregon coast at the end of October


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