Coast Trip (a million photos)

We zipped out to the coast the last weekend in October to celebrate Grant's birthday (and the purchase of an Entertainment book, ha!).  Sideways rain greeted us the first day, so after a quick walk on the beach, we got dinner and went back to the hotel for general hanging out and pool time.  The kids were totally thrilled about the hotel.  Kids watched a movie in bed, and we all eventually went to sleep.

The next day was beautiful, so we headed down to play after breakfast.  As we reached the beach, there was a group of people, a family and extended family from the looks of them, with balloons.  One was an American flag balloon, so I guessed they were remembering a fallen soldier, but that's of course a guess.  As they released the balloons, they blew out over the ocean (not PETA approved, I'm sure), and there were many tears.  I hugged my family tight and tried to burn these moments into my heart.


Charlotte's usual pose 
actual Frisbee throwing.  Grant tells me there's no money in Frisbee though
photo by Ava.  the girl's got talent!

And on the way home, we stopped to get pumpkins.  The end.


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