Cinnamon Bear

I have plans for Christmas.  Big plans.  Too many plans.  My kids are at such fun ages when it comes to holidays, and I really want to continue and start some great Christmas traditions this year.  Also, last year I was pregnant and having some issues with NutriGrain bars, so I didn't do much.  It's possible that I'm over compensating, but I will work very hard to keep all my Pinterest ideas under control.

This year, we are kicking things off listening to the old radio broadcast of The Cinnamon Bear.  It has 26 parts, so you could listen to one episode every night leading up to Christmas, but we are not that patient.  It is a very exciting show about Jimmy and Judy Barton who go on this fantastical adventure searching for the missing star that goes on top of their tree, and my kids are loving it.  They color pages from the story while they listen, found here and here.  Very fun, and I have the enjoyment of imagining small children clustered around a big old-time radio, waiting for each new episode to come on.

other radio shows available here


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