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I had this thought the other day as I was nursing the baby in the wee hours of the morning (whatever "wee" means in that expression, certainly not "wheeeeee!").  It's brilliant, you'd better have a seat.
So Before, when I had only two children - probably before the whole craziness of pregnancy too - my life was like a long road trip.  Getting out of bed was like leaving the gas station, hopefully all filled up and ready to go.


We're talking a loooong road trip, so (in addition to unimaginable joy (only slight sarcasm there)) there were the usual companions: fatigue, tedium, irritation, and the like.  But I usually reached the next fuel stop with about a quarter tank left.  With a quarter tank, you can do a bit of site-seeing along the way, and not worry about having to dig through your wallet for your AAA card.  A quarter tank is good.  A quarter tank is margin.

drawing the united states

similar activity so no one feels left out

Now. . .now it's more like this: On the aforementioned road trip, I screech out of the gas station in the morning with the gas cap only partly on and the little gas door (does it even have a name?) clanging in the wind, pedal to the cracker-covered floor mat.  Gas tank three quarters full, at best.  Come nightfall, I coast into the next station, gas gauge on E, riding on fumes, one tire slightly flat, missing hubcap, and no wiper fluid to my name.  But you know what?  I make it.  Every day, I make it.



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