Kid Quotes

Wyatt does something typically annoying to Ava, then says, "sooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee!"
I am unconvinced by his lackluster display of repentence, so I say, "Say it nicely, Wyatt."
He says to Ava, "Nicely."
I correct him, "No, I mean say "sorry" nicely."
With a look that I have seen many a time on the other male member of our family, he replies, "Sorry nicely."
Uh oh.

In an effort to quell sibling bickering, I am sitting coloring with the kids before bedtime.  It's working pretty well.   We are all coloring quietly when Ava leans over and examines my page.  After a long moment, she says, "you are really doing a good job, Mom, but bushes are not really blue."  I tell her I'm the mom, I can color bushes any dang color I choose.  Or something like that.  More quiet coloring.  Ava leans over again.  This time she says, "Ooo, that's really pretty, Mom.  Even if you did scribble outside the lines a bit, it's still good."  For crying out loud!  I point out that I am actually still in the lines, she just didn't notice where the lines were.  (Yeah, I am petty like that.)  So she finishes up with, "Well, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings."  Psh.  I keep my mouth shut, and color my grass purple.


  1. Nothing like being schooled by your children on the "rules for coloring"!


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