Survival Mode Continues

Christened "Hoppa" by Ava.

I love my husband.  He cracks me up and he's such a good daddy.  (Side note: he spent a good part of the morning selecting the proper "Top Gun volleyball scene" video to send to his coworkers because apparently they have a volleyball rematch to settle the score after a previous game at a company gathering.  You should have heard him chuckling to himself.  And then he took the kids to church and left me to take nap.  Sorry folks, he's taken.)  Anyway, this morning (pre-Top Gun video search) he says to me, "our little grasshopper friend keeps finding new spots to hang out."  He was referring to a grasshopper that braved our doorstep a few days back, and has been living with us ever since.  The part that makes me laugh is that Grant said this with no apparent motivation to go get the grasshopper and return him to his sort-of-native habitat in our yard.  This grasshopper has been living with us for days, and neither one of us has made a move to catch him.  You know why?  We're tired.

What does baby think about that?


  1. You think one grasshopper is a problem....try catching, literally, a dozen, noisy crickets in your house every day!!!! I am so sick and tired of crickets and grasshoppers and locusts!!! I can't wait for the first freeze!!!! :) But then again, I am enjoying having some summer. :) Hope you are doing good, been meaning to call you, but you know how that goes. :)


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