No news is good news around here.

Ruff ruff, ruff ruff ruff.

Sorry for the blog-silence.  I am swamped.  I have a zillion things I want to write about, and about four seconds at a time to do it.  So much is going on!  Around me right now, baby is swinging away at a fish toy in her bouncy seat and the other two are marching back and forth between two shelf boxes and the piano bench and other various furniture items.  While pretending to be puppies, although one of the puppies is distinctly bossier than the other.

Puppy den.

It seems weird that I can hardly hold a thought together these days. . . Ha!  I'm not kidding though, someone gave us a present this weekend at a group gathering.  The kids opened it up a few minutes later, and I sent them to say thank you, and the person they were saying thank you to sent them on their way - to the person who actually gave them the present.  In the space of a few minutes I had forgotten who even gave me the package.  Sheesh.

Puppies at rest.

Life is so amazing right now.  Sometimes all three kids are crying or otherwise making unpleasant sounds, and I'm scrubbing who knows what off my skirt (because I thought wearing a skirt might help me somehow), thinking, if someone were to walk in here right now. . .And then all three of them are in a pile and I'm stressing out about the baby being squished, but she makes this squealing noise and Wyatt breaks out in a great big grin and Ava says, "Awww, you like me best, don't you baby?"  A little later we load up in the car because those library books are about 5 days overdue, and Charlotte is scrrreeeeaming on account of how she finds the car offensive, and Wyatt is saying, "Bebe crying, bebe wants Mama!" so I hand the pacifier back to Ava, who successfully quiets the baby.  I tell Ava, from the bottom of my mother-heart, THANK YOU.  She smiles, blissful and proud.  And then finally they are all in bed; whoops baby is up again.  I get her settled again and make my tip-toe rounds, kissing cheeks, tucking in blankets, feeling the squeeze on my heart.  Time is flying by on spit up and glitter covered wings, and I am swaying happily in the breeze.

Popcorn-smoothie-scrambled-egg picnic.  Dinner and a movie!
Anyway, I was saying a lot is going on.  Important things, like feeding these children, but also things that perhaps could wait: putting up the Ikea shelves that my neighbor so kindly picked up for me before even unpacking from our camping trip!  Yes, we went camping!  Back in Sisters.  Car camping, but still, four days of it!!  Baby did great, and we got to visit with family and loved ones and just had a wonderful, refreshing time.  We also sneaked in Ava's half birthday party, which was getting so overdue it was almost a real birthday party.  I have some photos of that, but they will have to wait because this post has already taken about 2 hours to write and it is that blessed time of day. . .NAP TIME!


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