Half-Birthday Party Photos

As promised!  Having a Christmas birthday doesn't seem to be as rough as they say. . .

Banner that blew apart literally minutes after this photo

Pinata whacker

What?  Do I have something on my face?

Happy party guests (and their big brothers)

The cake I gave myself permission to purchase rather than make.

Temporary technical difficulties.


  1. I love it!

    LOL about the purchased cake. Luke's bday in May was the first time I ever purchased a 'character' cake. I wasn't up to the kind of birthday party *I* want to give, so I let him pick out a fireman cake and I bought him a pinata. (True story.) Leif was with me when we went shopping for Luke and he knew his birthday was coming up. So he has been taking about his Cars cake and Cars pinata since then. Again, I wasn't up to giving the kind of birthday party *I* want to give (as opposed to the kind my *boys* actually think is really cool). We went to the cool pool and Cold Stone on his birthday (two places we hardly ever go to) and then had a Cars cake and Cars pinata with family a couple days later. :)

    Happy half birthday, Ava. Looks like it was a perfect party for a princess!!

  2. Oh, and the sparkly Happy Birthday banner that I managed to put up for Luke's birthday in May is *STILL* hanging up on our mantel. :) I wonder if it will still be hanging there for Levi's birthday in January...

  3. Heidi, you're already part way to January, I'd just leave the banner there! :)


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