Ava Quotes August 2011

(Volume escalating with each word) "Wyatt, don't carry my pants in your mouth.  Wyatt, stop bugging me!  Wyatt, don't bite my pants.  Wyatt, get out of here before I get even MADDER!"

(Whilst walking along with just her mama on a lovely summer evening) "Well, we could talk about some things while we walk.  Tell stories or something?"

"I just can't believe how cute our baby is!" (Puts hand on head dramatically.)  "I can't even look away!!"

"Mom, you made me feel like a person stupid when you made me carry my towel."  Um, get over it girlie.

And the first ever Wyatt Quote!

"Mama, will you go to bed so I can take the graham crackers?"  (Said with the cutest smile and head tilt, right after I said "no graham crackers until you finish your sandwich.")


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