5 weeks and doing fine

In my swing again. *yawn*
Here's my little cutie.  Charlotte is doing great.  So far she has managed not to be squished beyond repair by her well-meaning-but-impulse-challenged siblings, is taking some nice long naps, and really only gets me up once between about 11ish and 7ish.  That last one is probably the most important, as it preserves the little bit of sanity I have left.  Sure, I'm often eating lunch at the counter bouncing a baby, and I usually have only 4 minutes at a time to concentrate on something (imagine how long it will take to finish this post), and I always sit down to nurse wondering what craziness the other two will get into, but life is very, very good.  *Happy sigh.*

Help, here comes the crazy boy again!

You, I see you with that camera!

Hello???  Don't you know you're supposed to forget to take pictures of your third child?


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