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Here are a few local updates you might want to know about.
Tuesday, I made garlic scape/whistle pesto with the abundance of scapes from our CSA box, and it was delicious!

Due to a lack of fluid around the baby (and her refusal to enter the world of her own accord), I discovered new and wondrous things about the drug Pitocin on Thursday, June 30th.  I also had the dubious honor of hearing a nurse declare, "I have never seen a pregnant woman pee that much at once!"

After barely seven hours (70 minutes of which was spent pushing this child out while she kicked and clung to my top most ribs with her toes), Charlotte Olivia was born with hardly a peep (on her part anyway).  9:55pm, 7lbs 5oz.  Things progressed quite rapidly after the Pitocin excitement around 6pm, and through the labor-fog I heard comments like "festival seating" (from the anesthesiologist regarding the number of people running around trying to get ready) and "slip'n'slide" (which I'm pretty sure was my husband).  The epidural eventually did its job and I was clear headed enough to reach down and catch her as she came out.  Simply no words for that blessing.  Here's my amazed face:

Despite being rather mellow, Charlotte has already displayed plenty of attitude.  She'll fit right in.  Also worthy of note, people will see your baby making this face and still tell you how pretty she is.

Well, of course they are right.  She is gorgeous and perfect!  And so alert already!  I guess that's what happens when you wait until you're mama is 15 months pregnant to be born.

blurry, but still cute!
 Our other children are very interested in their new sibling, but equally interested in making sure they get the larger share of the chicken strips.  They did pick out toys for their baby sister, so sweet!  I think Wyatt was disappointed that she didn't really play with them.  Being a little boy, he was also confused about the purpose of her umbilical cord. . .

I was looking forward to my new, trim figure, and indeed I have actually been able to hug my husband without him saying something like, "I just have this feeling like there's something in between us," but I was sadly mistaken when I thought I might have some room on my lap again.

Sorry folks, he's taken.


  1. What wonderful pictures! Thanks for the low-down. LOL about the chicken strips! Life goes on, doesn't it? Glad you have your trim figure back and a sweet little baby girl to enjoy. She IS pretty. :)

    I'm laughing about the 15 months pregnant, too. That's about how I felt. 7 lbs isn't bad though. I think mine would have hit about 11 pounds at 41+ weeks... Sorry you had to push so long. BTDT. It also makes you feel like you've hit a mack truck the next day. Sigh. I hope you are feeling rested and refreshed.

    What a beautiful family you have, Danielle!!

  2. Yeah!! love the pics!!! Hope you are getting plenty of rest and snuggles with sweet Charlotte. :)

  3. We are so pleased that all is well, Danielle!! And Miss Charlotte looks just perfect!! It cracked me up that your pesto received the first mention-- but hey-- I'm in love with our CSA, as well:-).

    Miss you guys!! I WILL be in touch to come see that new baby of yours-- and give you a squeeze too of course!!


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