Mini Me, without the Mini

Ava is already playing the "you spend too much time with the baby" card, and while I tell her every day that this part won't last very long, we know that children just here "blah blah blah, I'll never play with you again" unless they see some action.  Enter a project!  My mom was here when we started this, so she held Charlotte, who kindly decided she could forgo her standard meal-per-half-hour schedule in favor of allowing me some crafty time with the big kids.

When I told Ava and Wyatt I was going to get big paper and trace their bodies, they both said no, as in "Seriously Mom?  I'd rather ride my bike in aimless circles in the driveway."  Yet I persevered and convinced them this would be more fun than they thought.  And no, they couldn't watch TV anyway.
This is a really simple project, and the kids did really get into it once they saw what was going on.

1) Have kid lay down on butcher paper.  Newsprint endrolls from your local paper are perfect for this.
2) Trace body of kid.
3) Provide numerous art materials and turn kid loose to dress up their tracing.
4) Encourage kid to not carry their new creation all over the house because body parts WILL tear.  Especially encourage kid NOT to ride a bike while dragging their paper person beside, as significant, irreparable damage will most likely occur, immediately followed by tears and frantic requests for tape.
5) Be prepared for kid to ignore your wisdom and My-Buddy-and-Me their paper person all over the known world.

Ava calls hers "my sister, Snow White".

Tissue paper works great for the clothes for these paper people.


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