Yes, really.

41 weeks
Here's a little public service announcement for those of you who have been unknowingly risking bodily harm.

Things NOT to Say to a Very Pregnant Woman:

10) Sheesh, what did you eat? Hahahaha!
9) That's decaf, right?
8) Well, you don't look that big. . . (the opposite of this comment is also not safe)
7) Have you been walking enough?
6) My friend/sister/mother/cousin tried xyz and she was in labor in 3 hours!
5) Are you in labor yet? (most annoying when sent via text.)
4) What, no baby?
3) How are you feeling? (unless said with so much sympathy that's it's clear you know how she's feeling; otherwise, you're just forcing her to say "fine," which is a whole mile better than what she really wants to say.)
2) Make sure you're getting lots of sleep before baby comes.  (Who's sleeping?  Have you seen me try to roll over lately?  But it's not that big of a deal because I only need to roll over about every 20 minutes.)
1) I think I shall call you Gigantor now. (Thanks, dear.)

Now, if you want to be supportive, you can do like my sister has done and just send a little text or note that says, "I'm thinking about you!  Hang in there,"  or something similar that doesn't really require a response.  This lets the pregnant mama know you care and also relieves those of you who just need to make some kind of comment.


  1. She just seems to be a determined little girl...determined NOT to come out. And just think, once she is out, you have a whole lot more summer where you won't be all hot and pregnant. And I too was not a fan of "my someone did xyz and it worked" cause at 40-41 weeks who wants to climb stairs, stand for hours, or do it... Been thinking of you...Mindy

  2. AND you still make time to blog! So glad you do so I can keep up with you and your beautiful fam!

    Thinking of you, D!



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