Uh, yeah. . .

These kids are barely pretending not to be grouchy in this 2011 Mother's Day photo, taken at our church.
Nothing original to say!  I've just been waddling around the house dealing with the random illnesses of my children, taking the stairs whenever I can muster the energy (because the stairs always seem to kick on a fierce contraction or two), and trying not to lose my sanity as my due date slowly ticks toward me.  I'm not kidding you when I say I have contractions about every 5 or 8 minutes.  Mostly harmless, but many are quite serious, enough to make me wonder, is today the day?  But it is not.  Again.

One of her stomach flu recovery periods.

Trying to keep Wyatt busy so he won't see his sick sister as an easy target
(Modge Podge in the background.  :) )

Since I have nothing of my own to say really, I'll take this opportunity to direct your attention to this post at The Happiest Mom about a sweet and meaningful Father's day present.  Good, down-to-earth post.
And I will also leave you with another belly shot and a fun moment with my little critters - all three of them.

kisses for baby

yes, he is a little deranged, it's not just the photo. . .


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