T-Shirt Yarn Creations

I've been playing around with t-shirt yarn lately, mostly because it's free!  So far I've crocheted a potholder thing and a few scrubbies.  (Inspiration for the scrubbies comes from Cornflower Blue.)
Here is a great tutorial for how to cut up a shirt so that you have one big long loop.  It's pretty straight forward.  My only tips would be to cut your strips narrower (one inch or less) to make the yarn easier to handle, and, if you have a rotary cutter, use it!
These are actually for a gift basket, but I made some testers for myself.  They are nice for kitchen clean up (although probably not up to par with a synthetic scrubber) and come through the washer/dryer just fine.
Yet another reason to go hunting in my husband's side of the closet. . .not that I do that much.


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