Clothespin Fairy Dolls inspired by Made by Joel

Made by Joel is such a fun site by a fellow Oregonian!  Lots of simple, clever handmade toys and activities.  I still haven't made it through all the archives, too many wonderful ideas!  And hurray for Joel and his family, they just welcomed a baby girl.  Not that I am the least bit jealous of anyone who's June baby has already arrived. . .
Wyatt insisted the guy with the brown pants needed a red shirt.

My kids have been fighting this random stomach flu that will make them throw up one minute and be ravenous and hyper the rest of the day.  I have been trying to keep whoever is throwing up that day relatively calm, but they suddenly feel fine after they throw up, and fail to agree with my reasoning that they will probably do the same thing tomorrow.  So: activities.  Today we made these Fairy Dolls I found on Made by Joel.  No purchase necessary, all supplies on hand.  The kids had a good time playing and picking through the fabric scraps, and were fairly content while I switched back and forth between the boy fairies and girl fairies with my glue gun.  I didn't have cups for the wings, so we used a container from tomatoes.  Currently the fairies are out exploring our March-ought-to-be-June weather.


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