Ava Quotes June 2011

Ava: Hey Mom, doesn't Swana (small gosling toy) look great after her bath?
Me:  You mean from the cheese?  (Ava had been rolling Swana around in some Parmesan cheese and calling it a bath.)
Ava:  No silly, I mean the bath she took yesterday in your water glass! (Post-cheese I'm sure).

Ava: Mom, we should put on some music, you know that kind I like (stutters, searches for the right word). . .Rock and ROLL!!!

I pull into a McDonalds (rare indeed).  Ava: are. you. KIDDING. ME?

Ava: Why are you making that face?  Is it because you want the baby to come right this minute?
Me: Yes, yes I do!
Ava: Well.  It's NOT going to HAPPEN!


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