Tidbits from Ava's Daily Life (Part 2)

Someday I will need to do a post about our schooling choices, in order to answer the questions coming our way, but today is not that day!  Probably not any pregnant day is a good day for coherent explanation.  :)  In the meantime, here are some of Ava's "preschool" activities.

This folder contains little printable books that Ava has made over the past few years.  She is familiar with the words, so can read or "read" the stories to herself.  Although sometimes I find her staring sadly at the books from her time at preschool in Sisters, and talking about the friends she misses.

Handwriting practice.  Ava narrates the story, sometimes fiction, sometimes drawing on facts about something we've learned about, and I write it.  Then she practices the letters by tracing and illustrates at the end.

Birds!  We are loving all the birds living in our yard.  Ava can identify some (much to Grandma's delight).  If we see a new bird, we can look it up at eNature and hear its song.  This is a really fun site for furthering nature study.

More nature study!

Drawing observations from the backyard

Journal page courtesy of Handbook Of Nature Study

Ava is also working on improving her reading and basic math skills with these two resources:
Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and Singapore Math 1A.  And more!  For summer, the primary ingredients of the schooling for both kids include nature study (and other subjects as they cross) and lots of reading/read alouds.


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