Survival Skills

It's been discussed before that children are often unnaturally cute right when they have driven you up on to the edge of insanity, and I definitely think it's some kind of self-preservation technique they learn in limbo before they come to earth.  Wyatt has not quite demonstrated his skill at this, but Ava has learned the art of strategic sweet talk (from her father, I'm pretty sure), and she really is a master at timing and delivery.  For example:

Me (sitting on couch counting hours until nap time.  It's 9:30am)
Ava (snuggling up to me): Mommy!  You're just the wisest mother in the whole world!
Me, frowning: Then why don't you listen to me??
Ava: Oh, kids just do that sometimes.

Talk about LOL.


  1. That is totally funny!! :) She is such a clever little girl. That I think she gets from both her parents. Did you make it till nap time?:)


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