Preparing Our Family's Heart for Easter

The true meaning of Easter is the reason I believe.  We were helplessly lost to our own faults and self-centeredness (and worse!) and we had no hope of rising out of the mire.  Until.  That miraculous day, so long ago, that barely makes any sense in our time, a sinless man endured an unjust punishment and gave us the most precious gift of all: hope.  By His wounds we are healed.  Is there anything more confusing or amazing?  With two small children, an only partially unpacked house, and a baby due very soon, I feel time rushing past me.  Yet I am determined to slow it down enough to celebrate with my family the reason I hope.  The reason I can lift my eyes upward and find joy in the midst of the laundry, the illness, the teething, the echoing "Wyatt!  I TOLD YOU not to come bother me and my dolls EVERY AGAIN."

My obsessive internet surfing careful research has turned up some fantastic activities and lessons to do with littles to help them get some grasp of what Jesus's death and resurrection means for their hearts.  Enjoy!

Hill of Calvary Tutorial Go take a look at this one.  The pot is actually the tomb that Jesus was laid in, and you can open it to do all manner of extensions to this activity.  Also clink on the image link because Janna at Mustard Seeds has many other meaningful Easter activities.

Image from Mustard Seeds

Image from Catholic Icing

Nature Study Through the Holidays Easter Mini Unit This one is an ebook, for sale for $5.  There are tons of great ideas in this little book; it will help you make real, tangible connections from the Easter story to the world around.  Suitable for even very young children.  You may not have time for even half of them, but that would just mean you could easily use it several years in a row with new ideas each year.

Catholic/Christian Themed Coloring Pages Not all of these will be appropriate for your child's ages.  Do be sure to use your parental discretion.

Resurrection Rolls This one I have seen numerous times, but love it for it's simplicity and that you get to eat the final project, which appeals to everyone!  As Janna on Mustard Seeds says:
 The rolls taste sweet, of course. Easter is a time to celebrate the sweetest gift of all--our salvation through Jesus.
Image from Barbarah at WordPress


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