Must Be Doing Something Right. . .

Sick kids do not usually equal well behaved kids.  Sick + recently relocated kids = some kind of unspeakable torture for mama.  However, we had a lovely moment in our kitchen this week that helped me take a breath and remember that my kids are in a state of transition and not quite their adorable selves.  Here's to celebrating little successes.

Situation: I, in a rare moment of energy, attempted to make cookies with the children.  Because of their ages (I think) joint cookie baking involves a lot of "me do too? me do too? ME DO TOO!!" and "He's standing on MY chair!"  But I work fast and never stop talking, "Ok now Ava's going to take a turn dumping in the flour no Wyatt you just sit tight ok now it's Wyatt's turn Ava get your fingers out of the bowl no Wyatt just one scoop oh please don't lick the eggshell one more minute while I grab the butter. . ."  And we usually get through it.  This time I was doubling the recipe, and something important did not get doubled, so the cookies came out very dry and crumbly.  That is a very long explanation as to why Wyatt had cookie crumbs all over his chair.

Wyatt: Uh oh uh oh mama uh oh!
Me: Crumbs?  Here's a towel.
Wyatt (without ANY complaint) scurries over and grabs the towel and sets to work cleaning up his chair. He's TWO!  But it gets better.
Ava (seeing the situation): Wyatt, would you like some help?
Wyatt:  Oh! Yah!
Ava:  Here, let me help you.
Me (happy smile): Must be doing something right!

February 2009


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