It All Started With Cornbread. . .

This is great idea for keeping your kids busy while you make dinner.  As usual, I pilfered it from somewhere else, so I will give credit to UnPlugged Play, which I got from our library.  I don't know that I would buy this book, but it is definitely worth flipping through if you can get your hands on a copy.
The trays are a must for easy clean up!

As I was making dinner, I set the kids up with some water and cornmeal and the instructions to make a cake.  They were intrigued right away with the setup, but I think this would go a little bit smoother if my kids didn't already have some idea of how to make a cake.  Ava immediately wanted to know where the other ingredients were.  Um, ok.  So I dug through the spice cabinet and came up with things I thought were old or cheap or unlikely to be used anytime soon.  Here is the list: basil, bouillon cubes, red pepper flakes, and unground black pepper.  Yum.

When they were all done, we talked though the clean up process, which wasn't too bad because the trays kept spills contained.  Ava wanted to bake hers, so we did, and it actually set up.  I was not at all sure it would.  Then, she wanted us to taste it.  Grant said, "I will if Mommy does."  Well, it wasn't half bad, mostly tasted of bouillon cubes.


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