This and That; or Proof that Illness Does Not Stop the World

Haircuts for all (except Mama, she will not settle for an in-home haircut).  No Daddy photos because, let's face it, Daddy haircut photos are really only interesting to Mama.
And here is my attempt to get Wyatt's post haircut photo and his valiant attempt to see the photo on the camera at the same moment.  Believe it or not, this is the best shot I got before I gave up.

But the big news is Ava's haircut.  She (well, me really) chopped off a good 10 inches in a ponytail to donate. She was hesitant, but on board until I actually cut the ponytail off, and then she started to weep.  "I said it was ok, but now I realize it's not ok!"  So a good deal of this haircut was done while she was crying; there's no turning back from a chop like that.  In the end, she decided she was happy with the results, especially after I showed her my ponytail that I have yet to put in the mail.  Can you believe I could actually find it after moving across the mountains?  I'm still missing a key part to one of my Kitchenaid attachments, but a big hunk of hair, I can find.  Whatever.

I managed to finish up this today: a lovely batch of nutritious chicken broth!  Yes, yes, these are the things that make me happy.  Even more, not one drop landed on my belly.  In fact, if you look in the reflection on my cauldron, you will catch a glimpse of said belly.

Which made me realize I have not posted any belly photos yet, and it's about time.  So I turned the camera around and viola.  23 weeks.

The finished product, ready for my freezer:

To finish off this post, I have some photos that Ava took this week.  She asked to use the camera, and I couldn't think of a good reason not to let her, so she went to town, and only stopped when the battery went dead.  As far as she knows, it's still dead.

Before the haircut, and I think that's chocolate on his face.

Lola joined our family at the beginning of February.  She's pretty boring.

Love those pudgy baby hands.

Your photographer, UP CLOSE and personal.


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