More Infections, More Hyperventilating (but not move-related this time)

In case you're wondering why no posting from me this week, it's because I'm over at this site reading about having three kids and doing a little bit of freaking out.  For example:

And it's not like I think that everyone should have three kids. It's a mixed bag, for sure--I totally see why people stop at two kids, or even at one. As a dad friend once told me, "Before I had kids, I wanted four of them. Then I had one, and I wanted two. Then I had two and I wanted one. Then I had three, and I ran away from home screaming."

My favorite thing about being a writer has been the emails I've gotten from other parents, many of whom have asked me for advice on whether to have a third child. Since I have trouble figuring out whether I should have had a third kid myself -- even 16 months after the fact -- I'm probably not qualified to offer an opinion.
But if I were going to offer one, I'd start by asking some questions. Questions like, "How close are you to a Starbucks drive-through?" "Do you have easy access to a variety of high-quality medications?" "Are you comfortable with the idea of needing a cattle prod -- or possibly a border collie -- to control your herd of young?"

Ok, it's not just that, it's also the never ending string of sickness that is my life for 2011.  Back to the doctor today: new medicine for Wyatt, and Ava is on the wait and see list.  Unfortunately it's the "she can't hear her dad hacking up his lungs in little tiny pieces from two feet away" wait and see list.  I picked up a megaphone along with Wyatt's prescription today, so that should mean I can actually talk to Ava again, but I'll probably have to put Wyatt outside while I do so.  I am, however, so so thankful that I have so far avoided these killer germs, because I'm pretty sure all that coughing would send our little girl-to-be to a very early birth.


  1. YEAH!!!!! Soooo excited for you to be having another girl!!!! I'm sure that Grant's excited too. I will try to give you a call later. Sorry to hear that everyone's still struggling with sickness. :(

  2. Yippee! Another girl! At least your set with clothes!!;-) Hope everyone gets better soon! Miss you!


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