More Infected Ears, Less Hyperventilating

Back to the doctor today for Ava.  She immediately was sick again after her round of antibiotics ended, and fluid filled up those ears so I was literally shouting at her again:
"Ava, breakfast!" (She's two feet away from me.)
(Trying to raise my voice and still sound pleasant) "Breakfast dearie!"
"What smearing?  Whuuuaaaahhhuuut?"
"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, break-fast!
Annoying for me and so sad for her to be sick again.  So round two with antibiotics and I am busy making kefir smoothies to combat the killing off of all good bacteria in her intestines.
On a related note, it is a testament to how much more settled my kids are this week that we got through the three hour wait at Urgent Care (doctors around here are full!) without any major drama.  UH-mazing!  Now if I could just manage a five minute grocery store run without needing a bath and a latte afterwards. . .

Since Ava is sick, she has been napping again, which gives Wyatt and I some extra time since she will typically go to sleep a little later than he.  And what do we do?  We cook!  I need to make him his own little apron, in a manly version of course, something like this.  So cute and so much fun when he sees me cooking and runs to drag a chair over.


He's helping me coat the roast in flour and seasoning.
Love the hair!  Pants?  Who cooks in their pants?


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