Craftiness in Our New Home: Round One

Here is the link to this Valentine Garland over at noodlehead.

I originally grabbed onto this idea as something quick and easy I could do with the kids to help make our house a home.  Not too many materials needed, low skill level required, easy peasy.  Also, due to my previously mentioned tendency toward laziness, I rarely decorate for holidays, especially quick ones like Valentines Day, unless you count throwing some red crepe paper at the still-up Christmas tree "Valentine Decorating."  You can imagine how boring my bulletin boards were when I was a classroom teacher.
ANYWAY, overall I did like this project, but stringing the pompoms ended up being more difficult than I thought and my little ones did not have the fine-motor skills to manage it.  I thought they could just play with the poms while I strung them, but the little cretins angels seemed much too interested in tangling up my strings to really stay focused.  My advice, tape up each string as you finish, rather than taping strings to a dowel and then hanging the dowel.  Maybe then I would have strung enough for the whole window, which I think looks better.

"Seriously, put that camera away or I'll mess you up."

7 minutes of quiet play, followed by 10 minutes of screaming and fighting over whose pompoms were whose.


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