Second Honeymoon

As part of all the craziness that is our lives right now, Grant planned a lovely trip for us to San Jose del Cabo for the first week of January.  A kind of reset button in between chapters and a time to laugh and enjoy each other.  My parents and my "baby" brother and sister-in-law each took a turn watching my kids for the week we were gone, and I am so very grateful.  Wyatt and Ava were very excited to visit cousins and grandparents. I said to Grant after a few days that I really missed the kids and he replied, "Me too, but you know what?  I'm getting over it!"
We were blessed with mild weather, relatively easy travel, no full body airport searches, and really just a very peaceful time.  International travel can has so many potential frustrations, but the worst we faced were a few long lines.

So, to sum up our experience with a few photos!

Lots of exploring:
Palm trees and Santa?

Palm trees and a Nativity??

Lots of relaxing, beach walking, and overwhelming beauty:

resort pool at sunrise

Surfer camp

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

And many happy dinners for two:


  1. How wonderful for you both! I'm sure the kids missed you too...but then got over it as well. :) Give me a call anytime you want to chat or just get lonely/overwhelmed without Grant there. Miss you guys!!


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