More Big News

Here is part of a letter we recently sent out to the people closest to us in our community:

Our second piece of news is that we are moving.  (The first bit of news, you already know!)  We’ve felt for some time that God was preparing the way for us to move on from Sisters, and we have prayed that our hearts would be open when the time came.  Grant has accepted a position at the Target Distribution Center in the Willamette Valley.  This is the same location he worked at before our move to Sisters in 2006, but a slightly different management position.  His new job will start the second week in January and though he will miss working with family and many great staff and community members, he is also excited about his new role.  This is a very good job and we are thankful that God has opened this door for us and provided for our needs so completely.  Grant will continue to be involved with his family's business to ensure that the transition goes smoothly for the golf course and his family.  Grant has also had a desire for some time to pursue an MBA and he is looking forward to furthering his education.  We are familiar with the area we are moving to and have friends there from our college years.  My side of the family all lives in the valley as well, so we have connections already.

That being said, we are sad to be leaving Sisters.  We love the people, the land, and even the weather (most days!).  In the last five years, we have made many tight friendships and truly settled into a community we can call home.   It will be very hard to replace the life we have here.  Yet, Grant and I have also found that we can build a home wherever we plant our family, and that lends excitement to this new chapter in our lives.  Who knows what God will do? 

Our first step (or maybe the second, since the job is really the first) is the purchase of our new home, with its very exciting kitchen.  Hope to move in the last week in January.  Pictures to come!


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