Ear Infections and Hyperventilating

My kids have been sick for a few weeks, just bad colds, keeping me up all night, using up my very last ounce of energy, no big deal.  But still I managed to do some packing and wrap up everything at school.  So I guess I am now an unemployed Art teacher.  Hmm!  I do have a few project posts left to get up, but that will have to be post-move.

This week I am frantically trying to pack up the last of our house.  Most unfortunately, I had to take Ava into the doctor last night to find she had a double ear infection, and really got much worse when I got her home from the doctor, so I was very glad I had taken her in and gone for the antibiotics.  As you can see, she is much better now, and maybe just maybe I'll get some sleep tonight!  The good thing was that it was after 7 by the time we were done at Immediate Care, and the building is magically located right next to an Applebees.  Now there is something you should know: while in Mexico, we got lazy and decided to eat one night at the Applebees right across (the speedy, dangerous highway) from our resort.  My favorite dinner at Applebees is their Oriental Chicken Roll Up, yum yum.  This Applebees did not have it, but they had it in salad version.  So, since I was in Mexico, I ordered the salad with tortillas.  These people eat their breakfast (and everything else!) in tortillas, but when I asked for tortillas with that salad, the waiter had to call his manager over, and then they had to have a little conference about whether I could order tortillas with a salad.  Finally they decided I could, but it was with an air of, "Whatever, lady!"  Seriously, it was baffling. Anyway, the salad was nothing like the version you get in the US and I was sorely disappointed.  But!  After our late doctor visit, we zipped over to Applebees and I got a REAL Oriental Chicken wrap.  I am quite happy about it.
My point is actually this: we are moving in four days if you count the moving day, and I am not likely to post again for some time.  Pray for us, there is no organization in the chaos just yet.


  1. Hey there!!! I was going to call you yesterday, but obviously God knew you just needed some prayer! Hope the little ones are getting better soon and you get some rest. :) Give me a call anytime you need a chat. Love you guys!!

  2. Thanks girls. I feel the prayers! :)


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