Cityscape: Two Ways

If you're noticing the abundance of art projects I'm finally posting, it is due to the wonderful new camera my parents indulged me with this Christmas.  This one is a winner, not like the loser I tried out over the summer.  This is not a product endorsement per se; I'll just state that the winner is a Cannon Powershot, and the not-winner was named after a really big mountain in Japan.

Anyway!  This project I actually thought up all by my little self (instead of shamelessly pilfering it from someone else's blog like I usually do).  Another class was working on a drawing project, and I used the internet to find a picture of a skyline for a student to use as an example.  I came across this how-to for drawing a city skyline and though, "hmm, I wonder if kinders could do this?"  It turns out they CAN!  And enjoyed it so much, I did it with another class as well, with a twist.
This Cityscape lesson requires ruler-practice, teaches students how to plan for a landscape drawing, and how to draw three-dimensional structures, as well as to use the space on the page to demonstrate the nearness or distance of objects (overlapping and sizing).

Using rulers, I walked the students through the steps of the how-to, drawing my example on the white board, and then set them loose to add their own details.  I wondered how the little ones would do because it was fairly intense, using a ruler and having to focus so closely for a rather long time, but they really enjoyed the project and worked hard.

Here are a few K/1 Cityscapes on blue construction paper (looking at them again, I think I might have taken the pictures before they were completely finished.

I repeated the project with my 2nd/3rd class, this time using black construction paper and yellow pencils to simulate a city at night.


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