Just Us Two

The other day, Ava said to me, "You have way too many pictures of you and daddy!"  Talking to her more about it, she adds, "You need more of all of us!"  I tried to explain that most of our "family life" has been just me and her daddy.  That kind of blew her mind a bit.  It was right up there with the night I made chocolate pancakes for dinner.  "Oh Mom!  OH MOM!  I didn't expect that at all!  I wasn't even thinking about chocolate pancakes."

So here's a little remembering for me of back when we used to go out a lot more and I could sleep in whenever I wanted to.  And it was way too quiet without the running feet and abundant giggles.

Our wedding 8+ years ago
Someone else's wedding!
Teton National Park

Climbing the South Sister by moonlight

Oneonta Gorge

Someone else's wedding, baby starting to show. . .


  1. So cute! Showed these to John-- you little lovebirds you.

  2. You are so lucky to have what you share, but great couples like you start with incredibly kind, loving individuals who have tons of integrity on their own. I admire you both so much.


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