The Cattle Round Up that Could Have Been

We packed up our little family to head to the eastern part of the state to help our extended family round up cows from their summer grazing location.  However, it POURED buckets, and the cattle were not in favor of being rounded up in such weather, and the horses involved were not pleased with the prospect of sliding down hills after the recalcitrant cattle.  So, we packed up and came home.  The kids, however, were very excited and seemed to enjoy themselves until they got all wet and cold and had to come inside the camp trailers and change clothes. They were equally excited about the fact that all four of us were sleeping within arms reach of each other.  Mama, who had to sleep with Ava and (for part of the night) Wyatt, was not excited.  At least the rain was pleasant to listen to while I was laying there fighting Ava for my part of the sofa bed.  That's the bright side!

Only a few pictures, due to the rain.
That's a hunting decoy one of the cousins clipped to Wyatt's hood.


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