Bulletin Boards, or I Actually Finish Something. . .

I have maybe four or five projects that are partway finished right now.  This is not good, people.  These are the kinds of loose ends (literally) that make me nutty (more so than I already am).  But today we will talk about how I actually finished something and it is fabulous.  I could not really get a good picture, but I decided I will show you anyway.  Yep, lucky you, Internet.

I'm pretty sure I saw this idea in a Family Fun issue, but I can't seem to find it on their website.  Basically what I did was cut up cardboard, duct-tape four layers together, and staple fabric and ribbons over the top.  Then I nailed them to the wall in what I dearly hope is an artsy and pleasing arrangement but might be just weird.

Fabric and ribbon were leftovers, so total cost for this project was about $0.05 for the staples.  My advice: use a knit fabric, it will morph back together and cover the tack holes better when you remove items from your boards.  Also, there appears to be a fly in the second photo, that's just bonus.


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