Bouncing off the Walls

So as an antidote to my horrible week last week, I decided to take the kids to Bouncing off the Walls, which is basically a huge warehouse full of bouncy houses.  It also has a little fenced area with toys for crawlers.  Best of all, the place is laid out so you can stand in the middle and supervise multiple children at almost the same second.  Ava LOVES bouncy houses, even used her own money one time to go in one at a summer festival.  Oh, and they have an espresso machine.

It was a delightful morning, and surprisingly there were no tears when we left, so this trip really turned the tide and started this week, which has been fabulous.  It's very hard to take good pictures in a warehouse with dozens of moving children, but I tried.  And since I tried, you get to squint and look.  Happy squinting!

Wyatt was not thrilled with all the bouncing around, but he did love the little cars.

A princess bouncy castle?!  A dream come true for Ava!


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