Bathroom Art and Ava Quote

I saw this idea on Filth Wizardry, although the pieces that are shown in that post are so much cooler than mine.  But, I have time.  I can add on. This was only day one!

Craft foam + water + surface tension= bath time art (or mama-needs-kids-to-stop-screeching-at-each-other art).

 Ava loved this, and was putting up the shapes as fast as I could cut them.  Wyatt was afraid I actually did intend to give him a bath, so he contented himself with pitching the foam shapes into the bathtub and playing with the bath crayons instead.  I'm thinking I might have Ava do some of her reading lessons this way too, since I happen to have a set of foam alphabet letters at my disposal.  Somewhere. . .

And last but certainly not least, here is your Ava quote for the day:

Ava, quite matter-of-fact, to Wyatt while he is jabbering at her in the car: "Wyatt, you mess with the bull, you get the horns."  You can thank her daddy for that one.


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