Parenting Posts that Save the Day

How I love thee Internet, let me count the ways. . .
Of course the Internet wraps me up in its tentacles sometimes and then I wake up to realize four hours have passed and something is definitely burning in the oven, and didn't I have two children?  But I digress.  There are useful things on the internet - even on Youtube!  Yes, yes, I was surprised too, after being shown (by my well-meaning spouse) video after meaningless video of someone I've never met doing something stupid I'd never do (because I never do stupid things) and (shocker!) getting injured in a dramatic way.

Just in case you are a parent, and just in case your kids fail to live up to the standard of perfection that mine do (why are you laughing like that??), here are some things from the internet that make parenting life a little bit easier and a little bit more peaceful.

Survivor: Suburbia

Beyond "Because I Said So."

What Matters is My Kids

How to Buy Fabric with Small Children

When the Road is Steep

Now is Pivotal

What Every Mom Needs To Hear


  1. Thank you so much. I needed this today.

    God Bless and have a wonderful day.


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