Lessons from Target

We had a couple of those days last week. . .the kind when I start looking up child labor laws and pricing in the "child-for-sale" section of craigslist.  So, in desperation, we headed out to Target and the pet store to be productive and hopefully distract everyone from their moods.  Success!

The pet store especially is quite fun for my kids.  Wyatt was poking a bird, despite my motherly admonishments, and the bird chomped on his finger.  Wyatt looked so shocked, and this seemed to cement his interest, as he kept returning to visit his frienemy.  Ava stood around looking cute until an employee opened up some kind of lizard cage and disturbed the camouflaged critter enough for us to see him.  And don't get us started on the fish. . .a whole wall of fish!!!

While in Target, I learned some interesting things about my kids.  Wyatt became unreasonably attached to a piggy bank. . .that was (for some unknown reason) dressed up like a devil, horns and all.  We had to do the whole give-it-one-last-hug-and-wave-goodbye-all-the-way-down-the-isle thing.  Freud would have a field day with that one, I'm sure.

And Ava, dear Ava.  We spent some quality time in the belt section.  Belts are quite fun for kids to look at and feel, being glitzy and rather unbreakable.  As we were leaving, Ava wrapped her hands around one particular belt and said, "Oh Mom, this one sure is my favorite!"  If you're guessing it was pink and sparkley, you're WRONG.  Oh no, this belt was wide black leather and had about 500 metal studs on it.  Not a good sign, people.


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