Cruising into Fall

Fall at OSU

Well!  The wind has been blowing briskly for about a week straight, and we're nowhere near the hurricane zone, so it must be Autumn!  Here's what we've been up to, minus photos, because something unexplainable has happened with my new camera and I have not found the old one yet.  Naturally, you can see that I have been forced to insert barely related photos to prevent the boredom of plain words on a page.

Actual Home-Canners 
Canning and preserving: Just tomatoes so far, but 100 pounds of peaches are sitting at my friend's house waiting for me. . .Here's the thing about canning, it is deeply satisfying to see all those beautiful jars lined up in your pantry, but it makes one GIANT mess.  And it's hard to maintain order with small children while you're up to your elbows on tomato guts.  "No, put that down.  Now!  Leave your brother alone.  Now!  I said now!  Don't make me come over there!"  The last, of course, is the real threat, because who wants to be grabbed by tomato-gut hands??

Sept 2009, first school day!

Back to school: Yay!  Loving my students, getting to work on fun projects, including an optical illusion piece and some recycled artwork.  No photos!!  Arg.

Not Ava

Back to ballet: Yay!  Ava has been waiting for this, and she has so much fun.  Unfortunately, ballet class was the site of my discovery regarding the afore-mentioned camera malfunction.  So no photos here either.

You tell 'em, Benny!

Back to football:  Yay?  Don't get me wrong, I love football, especially OSU Beaver Football, but seriously, how many nights a week must we have football???  Ok, so networks broadcast football seven days week, must we watch every bleeping day?  Anyway, all this football is putting pressure on my schedule, especially when you consider that we have OSU season tickets this year, and will be traveling to the valley quite often over the next few months.  And the fact that my husband's mood is strongly determined by the outcome of all Beaver football games. . .

Not our cat

Adding on to our family:  No, not what you're thinking.  We adopted two little kitties last week from a stray who decided to have her litter in my friend's backyard.  They are black, one boy and one girl, and I would love to show you what they look like, but alas. . . sigh.  They are very small, and I am having to constantly watch to make sure Wyatt doesn't squeeze the poor little things, or dump all the food into the water dish, or try to eat the litter.  Sheesh!  Also, I discovered Ava swinging the girl around in a butterfly net.  "I was just having fun!" she said when she saw my expression of horror.  So I guess they both need watched when in the vicinity of kitties.

Just life: Hard to pin down all the other things that seem to be making me so busy, but I think at least two of their names are Wyatt and Ava.  I am teaching Sunday-school a bit, and subbing for other teachers in my building, and trying to squeeze in some sewing or creating before the exhaustion hits every night, but mostly I collapse and hope for a new episode of Mad Men.  Love that show.  So I guess my canning of tomatoes has to count as my creative time right now.  Boo!  And one more thing, I am working on a new look for the blog, so don't be surprised if you come by one day and everything is different . . . Hopefully better!  There is so so much I'd love to blog about, a million funny and ridiculous moments that happen every day, but, well, I'm lazy and rather unfocused.  :)


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