Back to School - The Dark Side

And so I take this opportunity to remind all of you teachers and students who are headed back to school, WASH YOUR HANDS!  Every five minutes.  Back-to-school means lots of lonely little germies getting together after a summer of open air, and they are ready to congregate and descend on your immune system in force.  Wash. Your. Hands!  And don't touch your face either.

This week is Back to School In-service week for the teachers at my school.  I LOVE in-service week, I don't care who makes fun of me for saying that.  Being around other teachers, problem-solving and gathering information, no pesky students to interrupt our planning.. . it's fantastic!  I am lucky enough to work at an amazing Christian school with people who are real and snarky (in a fun way)and so uplifting to be around.  It is truly wonderful.  So, next I should show you all the lovely pictures of my classroom and things I have been getting ready for my students, right?  Sigh. . .alas, no.  Had to zip out early today to go get my poor little Ava.  She threw up at her little friend's house, and has been throwing up ever since.  (In case you're counting, this is approximately the seventy-third illness to descend upon our family this year).

So I will show you pictures of sick Ava instead.  I know, totally weird that I always take pictures of my kids when they are sick, but they are so oddly sweet when they are under the weather.  I guess I wouldn't do this if they were really sick, as in leukemia sick, but I know they will get better, and my kids look so different when they feel ill.  Vulnerable enough to remind me they are children, not vertically-challenged gremlins with a household domination plan that thwarts my attempts at order and peace.  Anyway, here she is.  And I threw in two photos of Wyatt today, who rather enjoyed not having his sister interfering with his play time on the mower.

"Please, Mom, can I have something cold and fresh?"

"What do you mean no?!"

Totally munchable!!


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