Summer Summer Summer . . .and a funny story

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Where have we been?  PLAYING!  Trips to the pool, to the library, playing with little friends, trips out to various locations much cooler than our home, getting sprayed by the sprinkler at the park, and on and on!  I have photos on the camera to post, but, um, it's a new camera (yay!) and I have not yet determined the proper procedure for uploading.  BUT I will do that.  In the meantime, here is a story that I was reminded of while talking with dear friends yesterday.   Enjoy!

Setting: our house, about 2 1/2-ish years ago.
Ava is learning to walk and takes a bunch of rambly steps across the living room.
All adults present: "Yay!"  "Way to go!"  "Good job honey!"  (etc)
Friend (full-grown male): "You know, I'm not sure we should start making such a big deal about walking.  Just the other day, I walked right past my mom several times.  Nothing!!"


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