I'm still thinking. . .

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Ava and I sit snuggled up together on the floor.  I lean against the couch and tell her how proud I am of her behavior.

Me:  "Ava, you have done so well today using gentle words with your brother!  And no whining or arguing with me!  Great job!"
Ava gets this deep, thoughtful look on her face as she stares off into the distance: "Mom," she says quietly.  "I'm still thinking about when I grow up, who I'm going to marry."
I ask her if she has anyone picked out, and she replies, "I just don't know yet!"  I tell her not to worry, she has loads of time yet to make that decision.


  1. UhOH!!!!! Better not mention that to Jacob. It would only give him ammunition next visit. :) LOL


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