Water/Mud Play?

Did I mention my kids like to play in the water?  Some long-time friends came through town Wednesday night so we rounded up the kids and headed out to dinner with them.  When we got there, little mister here jumped in a puddle before I could stop him.  So what was I to do except really let him enjoy the experience?  It was inbetween rain showers and a balmy 60 or so degrees, so we ate outside with our children running all over.  Of course there was no one else out on the patio and being outside came in handy when one child lunged and knocked over an iced tea.  Spilled ice tea inside = embarrassing mess.  Spilled ice tea outside = quick wipe up and ice in the nearby grass!

Anyway, there was a puddle down in a bit of a hollow and Wyatt managed to run right to it after he ate.  I believe he fell into the puddle on all fours at one point.  He attracted quite a bit of attention from passers-by, as he was totally soaked and muddy.  We had to rinse him off with our water glasses before putting him in the car.  His shoes still aren't dry yet.  Ahh to be a child. . . I can't help thinking how different the reactions would have been if it had been me frolicking around in the puddle. . .


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