Strawberry Shortcake Party

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So my father-in-law calls me up and says, "I have a project for you. . .We have 1000 crawfish coming in and we need help cleaning them."  (Yep, for eating.)  It will tell you a lot about my in-laws that this news was not especially surprising.  I say, "Eh, let me finish up working in my garden and then I'll be out."  My father-in-law replies, "I have two flats of strawberries for everyone, and you can be the distributor."  I think ok, but when are we doing the crawfish?  Then I find out the crawfish cleaning is a big joke on me.  So whew, no crawfish to clean, like I even know how to do that anyway. . .

All that to say, since I was in charge splitting up two flats of strawberries about five ways, I decided it would be much easier and more fun to have a strawberry shortcake party.  So we did.

I made about twenty pounds of shortcake using Heavenly Homemaker's recipe with honey, and wheat flour.  It was delicious, and my kids had the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

Everyone had a good time!  Wyatt walked right into the pond as soon as he could, so he had some diaper free time.  He enjoyed his share of strawberries too!  Sorry, for some reason I have no photos of people actually eating shortcake!  Guess I was too busy eating my own.


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