A lesson in bargaining . . or something. . .

My child does NOT need any more dresses, but she loves them.  Since I feel her wardrobe is very complete, particularly in the dress department, I am not likely to cave when she begs for more frilly and pink dresses.  ("But  Mom, I don't have one that has a ruffle like this!!")  However, Ava won me over when we were in Target last month with this sentence: "I'll do chores to earn money to pay for it!"  I thought, ok, we'll give this a try.  So we brought the 50% off dress home and hung it up on a hanger and made up a chart to track the earnings.  Then Grant offered to pay Ava if she'd go pluck all the dandelions out of the yarn.  She declined.  What??
Anyway, she did manage to earn some money, little by little, and then she earned a Target gift card for her efforts in our school's walk-jog-a-thon.  She decided to add her gift card to the dress fund, and suddenly it was hers!  Look at that proud face!  She pretty much wears it anytime I let her, which is anytime it's not in the wash.  It's her dress now, so if she wrecks it. . .


  1. Such a big girl you are, Ava! Congratulations on your accomplishment; you should be very proud!

    --Mary Martin


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