Crochet Handbag

I have some catchup blogging to do!  This was my last week at school, cleaning up my classroom, ordering supplies, and getting things ready for next year, AND Ava's ballet rehearsals and recital, AND trying to get Ava into the doctor for her mysterious hearing loss (more on that later).  AND probably something else I've forgotten.  I traded in all my favors for kid-watching so I could have full days at school to wrap everything up.  The kids had fun playing with friends, but we're all tired, and my children are crowding into my lap anytime I hold still for more than a few seconds.  Ok, so enough about that!

Here's a quick show-off of a handbag I finished up this week as a thank you gift for Ava's wonderful preschool teacher.  (I mean, my three year old is READING!! I think a BIG thank you is in order!)
I crocheted outside using a pattern from Crochet Bags!: 15 Hip Projects for Carrying Your Stuff (thank you public library!).  There were directions in the pattern to make a lining, which I sort of followed.  It's just like sewing a box together.  Unfortunately, I decided I wanted to add in a pocket after I stitched the lining together, so that was interesting, but it all worked out.  So here's the bag!


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