Ballet Recital

This is a totally awful picture (further proof that I NEED a new camera), but gives you an idea of all the little girlies on stage dancing.  Ava is the third dancer from the left.  They are holding baby dolls and dancing a sweet routine to an Allison Krauss (previously Bette Midler, also Bonnie Raitt) song, Baby Mine.  Very sweet.

And more pictures of our little ballerina.  I've been making Ava take her costume off right after rehearsal to try and keep it safe until the performance, but right afterwards, she asked me if she had to take it off.  I said no.  So then she decided to sleep in that pink tutu.  And wear it all the next day on our errands.  (With black winter tights and pink sneakers, of course!)  A lady at the pharmacy commented, "Hey, why not?  There's only a short window that you can get away with wearing your tutu in public whenever you feel like it."  Good point.

The ballet teacher brought in a professional photographer to take photos of all the little dancers.


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