Mom-ed Out. . .

After a week of almost constant tending to a very sick little boy, I was trying to explain my emotional and physical weariness to my husband.  He said, "So you're all mom-ed out!"  What a good phrase!

Wyatt has been so sick with the same stomach virus that has been going around, but apparently he has had it much worse.  That kid has produced more laundry this week than our whole family for a month.  YUCK!  Poor guy, he was so miserable, just laying around for days, not even wanting to look at a book, moaning and crying.  That kind of lethargy makes a mama nervous!  At the suggestion of the doctor's office, we took a trip into Urgent Care partway through the week, and left with Zofran, which really helped.  Wyatt was up and running around within 30 minutes.  The medicine eased him through the naseau, but he was back to laying around again the next day, I think he was just run down from not eating all week and losing so much . . .er . . . fluid.  Anyway, I'm pretty worn out too, but light-hearted today.  Wyatt got up this afternoon, wobbled around on his atrophied muscles, and actually started to play and laugh.  I knew all would be well soon when I heard a familiar screech from down the hall, "NO WYATT! NO NO NO NO!"


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