Gratituesday: Mascara

I think maybe my kids are getting better. . .here's how I can tell:
  1. I did something other than leap toward my children with a bowl.
  2. I have not sat on the couch at all!
  3. I actually took a shower and put on mascara (impossible to do with a sick baby attached to you).
  4. After the mascaraing, I went out into the world!  I had forgotten there were other grown up people out there. . .Guess what else, some of them talked to me!  In whole sentences!  And no one screeched or referred to themselves as a princess-mermaid-unicorn-kitty!
Amazing, isn't it?  This past week's round of illness was a like a bomb disrupting every routine and event in my life, and then to top it off, I had punctuation issues - you know, the kind that come at the end of a sentence.  So, anyhoo, slowly pulling it back together, and actually putting myself together so I don't look like I've been up for three days straight with a puking baby.  And I am thankful for mascara, because I put some on today and remembered how fabulous it is for making me look like a person and not just a bedraggled mama!

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